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A roach infestation is every homeowner’s worst nightmare!  There are approximately 4,000 living species of cockroaches, so it’s not surprising that millions of people experience frequent and troublesome infestations.

Cockroaches have survived since the time of the dinosaurs, and have evolved into one of the most adaptable insects on Earth. These incredibly resilient critters can be difficult to get rid of, especially in your home or apartment.

Think you’re safe from an infestation because you only spotted one cockroach?  Think again! 

Here’s what you need to urgently understand….

One Cockroach Can Multiply Into Hundreds Within Days!

Cockroaches are prolific breeders. At their peak, females can produce two egg cases a week, each containing up to 16 eggs. So don’t be fooled and become complacent if you only see one roach scurrying across your kitchen floor.  For every roach you DO see, it’s likely there are many, many more you don’t.  And they’re typically nesting and proliferating in the dark and hard-to-reach areas of your home.

That’s why if you continue to do nothing… that one single cockroach can quickly turn into a full-blown infestation in a matter of days.

And once the nasty critters have set up shop in your living environment, getting rid of them is an uphill battle where adaptive cockroaches typically win over frustrated humans.

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Cockroaches Are More Than a Nuisance. They’re Potentially Dangerous to Your Health

While cockroaches typically don’t bite, they can cause serious health issues in an infested home or apartment. Certain individuals can develop allergic reactions around roaches, such as asthma and allergies after inhaling cockroach skin and waste.

Cockroaches are also carriers for millions of bacteria and infectious agents, which can lead to serious diseases, including Salmonella, Polio, and Dysentery.

That’s why it’s critical to take immediate action to eliminate cockroaches from your home!

Are you wondering what the safest and most effective way is to finally rid your home of roaches?

Keep reading for some exciting news about a breakthrough all-natural solution for protecting your home from cockroaches… that really works!

But first….

Why Chemical Spraying is Harmful to Your Family and Pets

If you’re like most people, the sight of even one cockroach scurrying across your kitchen floor has you frantically dialing your local pest control company.

But here’s why that’s not a smart option…..

Repeated spraying with harmful insecticides come with a high cost to the health of your family and pets, and also your wallet.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, pesticide residue lingers in the home, contaminating the air your family breathes. And repeated exposure to these chemicals can lead to serious health problems, including respiratory problems, headaches, weakness, kidney damage, liver problems, increased risk of cancer and more.

Pesticides are also highly dangerous to your furry friends. Every year thousands of pet deaths are reported from chemicals used by pest control companies. Many of those dangerous chemicals end up where your pets play and sleep – on beds, couches and furniture.

At best, spraying may temporarily cause roaches to scatter, but it’s not long before they return… often with thousands of new friends!

It’s understandable if you’re deeply worried, and wondering….

IS there a safe and effective way to eliminate cockroaches without risking the health of your family and pets?

The great news is… yes, there is!

Happily, Now There’s a Safe, Non-Toxic and Permanent Way to Rid Your Home of Cockroaches… in only 48 Hours!

The Ultrasonic Cockroach Repeller is a revolutionary state-of-the-art device using advanced technology that sends out ultrasonic waves to repel cockroaches.

This revolutionary device is compact, yet literally stops cockroaches in their tracks before they can become a problem in your home or business.

You’ll finally be able to completely rid your environment of stubborn roaches without jeopardizing the health of your family and pets.

How Does The Breakthrough Ultrasonic Cockroach Repeller Work?

Using cutting-edge electromagnetic technology, the compact Ultrasonic Cockroach Repeller emits powerful waves at a specific frequency that only cockroaches and other creepy crawlers can hear. You see, insects and rodents can hear certain high pitched sounds that humans can’t.

These unique sounds are scientifically engineered to repel cockroaches with unbearable sound frequencies so the existing ones in your home immediately flee, and future infestations are fully prevented.

Just keep the Ultrasonic Cockroach Repeller running 24/7, and they’ll never return to your environment again. Yes, it really is that easy!

You’ll finally be able to say “goodbye forever” to ineffective roach traps and dealing with poisons.

It’s truly amazing technology and 100% safe for your entire family and pets.

Set Up is FAST and Super-Easy!

Rest assured, the Ultrasonic Cockroach Repeller arrives fully assembled. No special tools or technical knowledge are required.

Simply plug it in, turn it on and you’re good to go. The Ultrasonic Cockroach Repeller immediately begins emitting roach-repelling sound waves to protect your living and work spaces 24/7.

Imagine the joy of reclaiming the peace and serenity of an ant-free home!

The Ultrasonic Cockroach Repeller is Amazingly Affordable!

You’re probably concerned that the Ultrasonic Cockroach Repeller is incredibly expensive and only for the “rich.”

Well, hold on to your hat….

The regular price of the Ultrasonic Cockroach Repeller is $59.97. But If you place your order TODAY, the cost is an insanely low $29.97.

Yes, you right that correctly… only $29.97 for 24/7 guaranteed protection from cockroaches!
That’s what most people pay for dangerous pesticide spraying each and every month. 

You’ll no longer need to pay those high monthly extermination bills that expose your family and pets to lethal chemicals.

This is a one-time rock-bottom cost for a technologically advanced device that continually works to safely rid your home of disgusting roaches and other pests.

You’ll be completely free of cockroaches, and there are absolutely no hidden fees down the road!

But Don’t Take Our Word For it. Read What Some of Our Grateful Customers Are Saying:

Customer Testimonial

Caren C Wingate

“I live in Florida where there is every insect you can imagine. I haven’t seen one spider, nat, ant, or roach in over a week!”

Customer Testimonial

Chad Granmile

“I put the unit in my storage room. I noticed the difference between before and after. Usually I saw cockroaches on the floor every time I entered the room before turning the light on. Now, There are no more cockroaches roaming the floor. It works!”

Customer Testimonial

Patrice Baxter

“I received this product a few days ago and I already can see the results. Several months ago I started noticing roaches in my house. Never had that problem before. The next day after plugging the device in I saw fewer roaches. Today I have not seen any yet. So, it appears to be doing something good. I recommend it if any of you are like me in need of help and don’t want to use chemicals anymore.”


Get Rid Of Cockroaches In 48 Hours Or It’s FREE! 

Finita Pesto company is so convinced that the Ultrasonic Cockroach Repeller is going to work for you, they’re providing an incredible money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. If you still have cockroaches after 48 hours, they’ll cheerfully refund your full purchase price, no questions asked!

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